For years, I skipped breakfast.  You know the drill:  you’re up early trying to get diapers changed on the little ones, getting older kids off to school and managing to brush your teeth and get just a cup of coffee in before the rest of the morning chaos begins.  Sometimes, I’d remember to eat a low-fat Yoplait yogurt (Harvest Peach – yum!), but then back to the same old cup of coffee after a week or so.

While on a recent trip to New York, I was staying with a family member in the city who offered me a bowl of oatmeal and then the fixings to mix into it.  She provided brown suguar, organge-infused, dried cranberries, and chopped pecans.  It was heaven (especially with a big cup of French Roast coffee).

My Aunt shared with me that she purchased her instant oatmeal at her local Trader Joe’s (find it in the dry cereal aisle).  I made a quick “note to self” in the short-term memory and when I arrived back in San Diego, I headed to Trader Joe’s to purchase some of this great oatmeal.  I also found the cranberries, pecans, and cinammon there as well. 

Oatmeal with dried cranberries, pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Oatmeal with dried cranberries, pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar.

For my morning oatmeal, I sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, with 2 tbsp of brown sugar (I know, it probably sounds like too much but it’s GREAT), 2 tsbp each of chopped pecans and the orange-infused, dried cranberries.  This is a satisfying breakfast as well as, quick and easy to prepare.  When I add the 1 Cup of water to the 1/2 Cup of oatmeal I pop it into the microwave for just 2 minutes and then add in all of the flavorings.  Just one quick tip:  be sure to heat your oatmeal in a larger-than-you-think-necessary microwave-proof bowl.  The firs bowl I prepared created a bit of a mess in the ol’ microwave…kind of like an oatmeal volcano.