Cremini mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms

What could be better as we ease into fall then to include these little woodsy wonders into our everyday recipes.  When cooking for clients I’ve discovered that when it comes to understanding the world of mushrooms, that not everyone is aware of all of the different types (more than 1,800 edible ones) and how their distinct flavors and textures can be worked into some wonderful dishes (think creamy risotto with sauteed portobellos and crab-stuffed creminis).

In my research, I came across an entire website devoted to the mushroom.  You can click on which is all about the Mushroom Council itself, but also includes a listing of professional journal publications (as they relate to nutrition, cancer-fighting information, etc.) and a search engine for some terrific recipes using various types of mushrooms.  They say timing is everything, so I’m happy to report that September is National Mushroom Month.

Since you’re feeling inspired by the celebration,  take a look at this document displaying a color photo of each of the popular types of mushrooms, their flavor, how to prepare them and their use; a handy guide to have if you’re looking to familiarize yourself with an oyster, shiitake or enoki mushroom. Click on:

In the meantime, while you spend some time getting to know the cremini and it’s larger cousin, the Portabella, I’ve asked my Mom to locate her stuffed mushroom recipe which she served at the cocktail and dinner parties my parents hosted during the 70’s.  I’ll post it when she hands over.