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April and May 2009 014I admit that for the past two years we’ve not colored Easter eggs in our home.  I think I’ve always been so busy running around to shop for egg fillers, basket stuffers and Easter outfits that the egg coloring gets lost in our pre-Easter shuffle. 

Just when I though I had egg coloring ready for ’09, I could not find the Star Wars-themed egg coloring kit I had bought (for last year’s eggs, actually).  I found it when I was unpacking in March put it somewhere safe and then promptly forgot where that safe spot was.  I hope to find it for next year…




April and May 2009 015Well, my pantry to the rescue again and the simple use of food color for this year’s eggs and hand-written names in crayon.  No Star Wars stickers but they had fun just the same.

Color combos we loved:  5 yellow + 1 red yields Orange Sunset

6 red + 4 blue yields Purple

24 red + 2 blue yields Watermelon Red

3 blue + 2 green yields Teal


I didn’t prep for it this year but next year I plan to use ingredients from my garden and/or the vegetable bins in my refrigerator to create natural dyes.   I think my kids will find it intriguing (like a science experiement).