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My youngest and I had the pleasure of going to Buckwheat Farm in Apex, NC last week with our playgroup.  Such a lovely, little strawberry farm and one of the true joys of this season:  picking your own strawberries.  We had a blast last year and plan to hit a few more local farms for more fresh-picked berries.

Although my kids love the idea of picking strawberries, somehow they’ve lost the general concept; we pick them so we can eat them.  They loved strawberries (and other berries for that matter) when they were first trying them out at around 10 months.  Loved them through the toddler years and into the three’s and then all of a sudden:  no more berries. 

Strawberry popsicles?  Yes!  Strawberry fruit leather?  Yes!  Strawberry smoothies?  I’ll have seconds.  For the life of me, I can’t quite figure out their aversion to the actual berry.  Maybe they’ll come full circle and begin to enjoy them in their teenage years.  I’ll keep you posted.

When I can I make strawberry-banana (and whatever else I’ve got) smoothies and they adore strawberry lemonade.  I did an earlier post on strawberry lemonade and if you’ve got fresh lemons on hand, try this one out.  However, for those of you looking for a quick after-school beverage or you don’t have lemons or fresh strawberries on hand, this recipe is just as good .

Super-Quick Strawberry Lemonade


1 10-ounce container frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

5 cups cold water

1 10-ounce bag unsweeted strawberries, partially thawed

2 tbsp granulated sugar

1 lemon, washed and sliced (optional garnish)

Fresh mint, washed (optional garnish)


Mix lemonade concentrate with water in large pitcher.  Add frozen strawberries to blender and pureee with sugar.  Add pureed strawberry-lemonade mixture to prepared lemonade.  Stir with large spoon until blended.  Adjust consistency with additional water if needed.

To serve, pour lemonade into individual glasses and garnish with lemon slice, a fresh mint spring and straw.  You can also reserve one strawberry per each glass and use as a garnish.

Yield:  8-10 servings