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My Cub Scout and his Dad (my husband) came home from camping trip this morning near the North Carolina Zoo in Ashboro.  They were wonderful stories about hiking in the woods, exploring nature, dodgeball (adults versus the boys), listening to the wolves howl last night, and not being warm enough in the 29 degree fall weather.  It made me think how blessed we are as a family and I just had to write it down on paper (alright, it’s a computer) because soon we’ll be prepping for Thanksgiving and houseguests, finishing Christmas shopping, choosing a tree (which we will forget to water after putting it into its stand) and the general merriement and exhaustion of the holidays.  I’m just stopping for a minute to appreciate a special memory that my oldest and my husband made this weekend.

Speaking of a special memory, here’s a neat photo taken almost a year ago outside of the North Carolina Museum of Art the day after Thanksgiving.  Don’t they look chilly?  We “hiked” around a bit that day looking at the beautiful and interesting outdoor sculptures.  It’s a great memory for my sweet Mom and I and I hope the boys too.

Just to talk about food for a moment, I plan to make Turkey Meatball Stroganoff for dinner tonight.  I will to post it to my blog tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned.