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Lately, I’ve looked around the kitchen taking it all in and wanting to edit out what never really gets used.  Is it an early spring cleaning to coincide with a bit of the spring weather we’re experiencing this weekend?

It could also be that I’m 5 foot 3 (the hub would say I’m barely 5’2″ but them’s fightin’ words) and there are a lot   a ton of high shelves I never visit.

But wait…

There is one thing I don’t have and surely no proper kitchen is complete without one.

{pause for appropriate dramatic cinematic music}

a Le Creuset enameled cast iron 9 1/2-quart oval dutch oven. 

I’m not sure why I haven’t pulled the trigger on this pass-it-down-through-the-generations cookware.  Price?  Perhaps.  It’s made it onto my Christmas list a handful of times.  Ok, it’s probably the price. 

Haven’t I shared with the hub the beauty and history behind this piece of cookware?  Several bloggers have shared how everything tastes a little better cooked in their Le Creuset. 

Apartment therapy shared some drool-worthy photos in this post and again in this one of the Gracious Home store in Chelsea.  If you scroll down in the second post you’ll be struck by the rainbow-colored display of those French beauties.

 This is a pic from Country Living  of a beautiful beach house in Venice, CA.  Check out the Le Creuset.

Anothe photo from Country Living of a bbq brisket.  Their recipe is here.

Sausage, corn and clam soup.  This recipe from Williams-Sonoma is here.

Isn’t this mouthwatering? Beautiful baked perfection in Le Creuset.

For those that have their own Le Creuset, please send your pics.  I can assure you I’ll be a little envious.  Even better…send {recipes}.