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Can you ever have enough garden-fresh tomatoes in the summer?  I suppose you can if you don’t have a plan of what to do with all of them or a lot of friends and neighbors who will gladly take them off your hands. 

{This year I have both}

This past spring I decided to limit myself to just 6 7 tomato plants.  It’s extreme I know, but in the past I’ve planted twice that and had a whole boat-load of tomatoes, which seemed to arrive all at once. {Could have been my imagination, though}.  I didn’t have an idea of what to do with all of them, so this year I thought I’d remedy the situation with a whole new approach.


This is what I came up with:

  1. Decrease the amount of plants
  2. Try a few varieties that I’ve planted in the past (and that I’ve had success with)
  3. Plan out what exactly I am going to do with all those tomatoes (providing they grow)
  4. Give excess to friends, family and neighbors

  It is a simple, 4-step plan to success (note the optomism).

Here are the tomatoes I am currently growing: 

  1. Purple Cherokee
  2. Marmande
  3. Yellow Cherry
  4. Yellow Pear
  5. Sweet 100 Cherry
  6. Roma
  7. Big Beef Tomato



 The first and second images are of Sweet 100 and they are totally reliable.  I get great-tasting tomatoes every season and plenty to share.

 These yellow pear tomatoes are so lovely in a fresh tomato salad or just to add visual interest to a green salad.  Have you considered roasting them?

 I’ve never included a Cherokee Purple Tomato in my garden and they are coming in beautifully.  Look at that color!

 These are the Marmandes which are thriving.  I picked up this plant at the Garden Supply Company.  They are a very popular French heirloom tomato.

And, just to ensure that I really am planning on following through with step 3 of my plan, these are the recipes I’m thinking of making this summer as the tomatoes begin to ripen.  {Read on}

  1. Roasted Tomatoes {like the deceptively simple recipe I saw over at Smitten Kitchen}
  2. The not-so-clever, but always a summer staple: Tomato and Cucumber Salad with a red wine vinaigrette
  3. Fresh Marinara Sauce
  4. Uncooked Tomato Sauce (this would be brilliant with red and yellow tomatoes)
  5. Tomato Sandwiches (I live in the south so this is a summer must)

What are your ideas for your tomato garden this summer?  Any recipes to share?