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I am in love with my garden this summer.  I’m not talking about the romantic kind with your stomach in nervous-knots love, I mean the kinda love where you just want to pat yourself on the back love.

{This Was My Summer Garden Check-List To Do List}

  • Plant after last frost (check)
  • Place the tomato cages in the garden at the same time as the plants (check)
  • Water regularly so the tomato skins don’t crack (check)
  • Look for icky garden pests (I do check, but I hate to find them)

Now, I’ve planted tomatoes in the past (lots and lots of tomatoes) and just sort of hoped for the best.  Some days I’d water them and some days, well you know…I didn’t.  But this year a lightbulb went off.  If I’m going to go to all of the time, trouble (and expense) of planting all of these wonderful tomato plants (and peas, green beans, zuchini and peppers), I should probably invest a little time in taking care of them.

Gosh, isn’t it great when you’re lightbulb-going-off-moment makes you feel smart brilliant?


The French Marmandes are really coming in and I’m thrilled.  I haven’t planted these in the past and I am already putting them on the list for next year’s garden.  You can read more about them here.  I’m already calling them a success.

Talk about getting your money’s worth.  These chives are from the same plant I picked up from the Apex Garden Club during Peak fest 2 years ago.

All of the ingredients for my tomato salad and accompanying dressing came from our garden, with the exception of salt and olive oil.  I won’t even give you a formal recipe except to say that I combined 3 tbsp of chopped, fresh chives with 1 tbsp chopped, fresh parsley and combined them with 3 tbsp of high quality olive oil in the bowl of my food processor.  I also seasoned the sliced  tomatoes (purple cherokee, marmande and yellow pear) with Kosher salt.  The result was simple, satisfying and delicious.

I’m hoping several of you have some simple dishes to share using ingredients from your (or a neighbor’s) backyard gardens.  If you do, please drop me a line.