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The other day I randomly looked back on a list of every single post I had ever written for Main St. Cuisine.  I struck me that I had written more than I thought I had.  And, the birthdate {blogiversary} of my blog was July 2008…really?  Time flies.

Just in case you’re wondering.  Ok, you’re probably not {but, it would be cool if you were}, I really enjoy sharing my inspirations and recipes (but not the techy blog stuff).  I consider myself a hobbyist.  I don’t have thousands of followers (just being honest). In fact I keep this little weblog as an online journal of my recipes and use it as a tool to challenge myself to cook everyday {well, almost everyday} for my family.

I enjoy putting little bits of myself into my blog because maybe {hopefully} you’ll want to read more.  It’s become an important part of my life, something I enjoy doing {it’s not for the money that’s for sure}, and I want to share my passion for being in the kitchen each and every day.

So, three years later I’m still blogging.  Sometimes spending way too long on the computer while my kids are asleep.  Sound familiar?  And yes, to answer a recent email I had…I do prepare these recipes for and with my family in mind.  The idea is for you to try them too, but tweak {change, alter, make better} them to suit you and your family.  I like to think of the recipes on Main St. Cuisine just as a guideline for you to loosely follow.  If you alter one of my recipes and are kind enough to comment on one them (subltle hint),  I will think that’s cool.  Really cool.

I’ll even respond back with a nice comment or just to say thanks or maybe to introduce myself. Or a combination of those three.

Well, since you’re probably here looking for a recipe, it’s time for my blogiversary party to end and back into the kitchen for this Heirloom Tomato Stack Recipe.

My younger kiddo and I made a field trip to our local Whole Foods yesterday and this is a photo of what I picked up, including two beautiful basil plants.

Recently I discovered that my kids will accompany me to Whole Foods without any argument or posing my favorite question:  “How many things do we have to buy?”

{Two Words: Free Samples}

Thanks for easing my grocery shopping pain, Whole Foods.  Sincerely.

Aren’t these the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen.  I totally {heart} summer.  While the center tomato is a Purple Cherokee and the one on the right is a Green Zebra, I’m unsure of the one on the left.  Is it a Brandywine?

I began my stack with one slice of tomato, then spread about 1 1/2 tbsp of prepared Tapanade.  I finished that layer by placing a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese on top.

I repeated the layers by adding another slice of tomato (Purple Cherokee), another 1 1/2 tbsp of tapanade and then finally another slice of mozarella cheese.

I topped off the second layer of tomato, tapanade and mozzarella cheese with two slices of the green zebra heirloom.  Ideally, I would recommend using tomatoes that are all similar in size.  I just had to have that green tomato.  Isn’t it beautiful?

I put a few diced tomatoes on top and garnished with some of the fresh basil I had just picked up that afternoon.  I chose not to add any vinaigrette and to buy prepared tapanade (from the cheese section in Whole Foods) just to simplify my prep in the kitchen.  I’ll be posing a nice red wine-basil vinaigrette and a recipe for olive tapanade if you’d like to make your own, later this week.

Heirloom Tomato Stack with Fresh Mozarella and Tapanade


3 slices of various heirloom tomatoes

3 tbsp of olive tapanade

2 slices of fresh mozarella

fresh basil for garnish (optional)


Slice a 1/4-inch slice from each of the 3 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.  Slice 2 1/4-inch slices of fresh mozarella.  Place one slice of tomato onto seving plate.  Spread with 1 1/2 tbsp tapanade.  Lay a slice of the mozarella on top.  Repeat layers ending with last slice of tomato.  Garnish with diced tomato and fresh basil.  Serve with vinaigrette if desired.

Serves 1