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I think the title to this post says it all, don’t you?  The combination of the flavors from this epicurious recipe were amazing.  Perfect for a rainy, fall day.  My kids were looking behind me to see if I had the mac-n-cheese ready.

I’ve spent way too many hours this week searching through epicurious to find some recipes that transition us into fall.  I’m still getting tomatoes from my garden so something tomato-y sounded good.  I’m also having a slight obsession with fennel right now so this recipe seemed to marry the two perfectly.

I love that this is such a rustic dish, which really highlights all of the vegetables.  It sort of cries out for a lovely french baguette to go along with it.  I was able to use fresh oregano from the garden, which we are always bringing in for our pizza.  Be sure to have your oven-proof skillet ready to go for this one.

Hop on over to epicurious and you’ll find the full recipe here.


Have a good Saturday!