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Well, when you take a little time off you get a little perspective, a bit of a breather and maybe a little ticked off that you took some time off in the first place.  You sort of lose your momentum.  After all, with a cooking blog there should be plenty to write about, right {we still cook and eat every single day}?

Only one small problem.  Time and commitments.

Ok, that’s two problems, but they sort of go together {like figs and goat cheese}.

It seems I’ve done it again.  Perhaps said “yes” to a few too many things.  I’m hoping some of you are nodding.  And, if we we were sitting and having coffee together, you might even give me a hug or a high five like a mom-solidarity-type-thing.  No wait, it’s my kids who like to high-five.  I’ll take the hug.

But when I think about it we’ve been having a lot of fun too.  Did I mention that grocery shopping by yourself can be fun?

I definitely don’t want to blah, blah, blah you to death about family stuff so I thought I’d share a few photos to put the last 10 or so days in perspective.

Here’s what I’ve (and we’ve) been up to.

 Saturday morning t-ball games.  Oh, does this 5 year-old love t-ball.  In fact, he had a practice this evening.

A Sunday drive down to Fayetteville to visit the museum at Fort Bragg.  My husband and boys loved this and I really enjoyed our visit to the museum.  Totally free, by the way and it was amazing to read about the history of Fort Bragg as part of our  nation’s history.

My older son entered an art contest for the school book fair.  He had a great time conceptualizing what his poster would be based on this year’s theme.  I reminded him that he may not win and he said, “I just really want to do it.”

I just love these two martians he drew {each with their very own sparkly book}.

And, finally baseball.  Yup, we’re half-way through fall baseball and my son is loving every minute of it.  He’s learning to pitch this year {cue the nervous mom} and seems to be watching more and more espn.  I guess that’s what happens when you have boys in the house and a baseball-fan-husband that just loves to spend a few hours watching with them.

Thanks for allowing me a blogging breather.