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There’s a little chill in the air, clouds in the sky and the wind is blowing.  We already have falling golden leaves, our pumpkins are lined up on the front porch and according to my kids, we need several more.  Depending on where you live you may be feeling a crispness in the air.

I think it’s a great day for a game of Scrabble out on the front porch with a warm Pendleton blanket wrapped around your shoulders.  {maybe even some apple cider with a cinnamon stick for stirring}.

Tonight after my kids go to sleep, I plan to catch up on some reading.  I’ve got at least 4 books on my bedside table.  I think I may have to fully commit and finish at least one this week.

If baking is on your to-do list this weekend and you’re spying those bananas in your fruit bowl that didn’t quite make it onto your cereal, this banana bread with cinnamon crumble topping may be one for you to try.


This recipe was very simple to put together and I’ve broken it down into just a handful of steps for you to follow:

1. Measure the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl 2.  Thoroughly whisk to combine 3. In a separate mixing bowl, mash the ripe bananas 4. Add the eggs and oil and whisk 5. Add the honey and whisk 6. Begin incorporating the dry ingredients in the banana mixture 7. Using a fork, mix the sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon (this will become your topping) 8. Add the batter to a buttered loaf pan 9. Evenly distribute the sugar-cinnamon mixture on top of the batter

Here’s another view of the banana bread with the sugar-cinnamon topping  before it went into the oven.

At first I wasn’t going to share this recipe with you.  This was because my cinnamon crumble topping didn’t stay on top of the bread.  It sort of migrated downward and into the batter during baking.  However, my kids loved it.

It has a totally different flavor than my one bowl banana bread recipe because of the addition of the honey and cinnamon.  It just tastes like fall.

If you try it, I’d love to hear if your cinnamon crumble topping stayed on top.  You can find the original post and recipe here.

And, can I share with you a couple of images that just seem perfect for a day like today?

House Beautiful

I adore this single monogram for your front door and the pretty velvet ribbon.  This may take you from fall through Christmas.  Talk about easy decorating for the holidays.

Better Homes and Gardens

Enjoy your Saturday!