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It’s been a crazy week.  The best saying I can think of, is:  “when it rains it pours.”  Do you know that one?

It’s not so much a complaint as it is acknowledging that this is a week with a lot going on.  Everyday.  Things like: a kindergarten field trip, last-minute Halloween decorations; purchasing Halloween costumes; carving pumpkins; making and mailing birthday party invites; two classroom parties; a t-ball game; several baseball games; parent-teacher conference; and prepping for the arrival of two {yes, two} sets of grandparents.

Of course, this is all fun stuff, especiall for the kids.  But, it still makes for a busy seven days for their mom.

Speaking of America’s pasttime…while the rest of you have been watching  the world series, we’ve been cheering my older son’s team on this week in the end-of-season tournament.  They were the 7th seed going in (out of 10) and though we thought they’d win their first game Monday evening, we weren’t too sure about Tuesday’s game against the 2nd seed.  Well, they won….5 to 4.  My husband jokingly referred to our son as Trevor Hoffman {all-time saves leader} because he came in to pitch in the last inning and struck out 2 of the 3 batters.  The last batter hit the ball to the 3rd baseman and he threw him out at 1st.  Needless to say, the boys were very excited.


 It’s clear that Sports Illustrated won’t be calling me anytime soon for my photography skills.  I’ve got to work on my skills for next baseball season.

I think my husband will be impressed that I included a photo of Trevor Hoffman in my blog post. {wink} photo by Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated

So back to the onions.

This is really a simple recipe and you can use your finished caramelized onions in a number of different ways.  A few ideas:

in a salad or as part of a vinaigrette

as a pizza topping

to top off crostini for an appetizer (think goat cheese)

to top off a grilled steak

as part of a lovely tart or quiche

Oh, how I wish I had taken a photo at the mid-point of this process.  However, if you go to the original post here, you’ll see not only the complete recipe but also a time lapsed video of the onions caramelizing.  You can see another technique for caramelizing onions on an earlier blog post here.

And, did I mention my all-time favorite thing to do with these lovely onions?  French onion soup, of course.  {love}