This question has been asked a million times this month:  “How many more days until Halloween, Mom?”

This morning my kindergartener {the chief question-asker in our house}, finally realizing IT was here, said, “I’m so excited to trick- or-treat tonight.”  Whew, we made it to the big day.  We carved pumpkins today, put the final touches on our outdoor Halloween decorations {just before the raindrops began to fall}, and decided to order Chinese to make our Halloween evening just a little easier on the parents.

At the beginning of the month, my Mom brought over three of the cutest ghosts she had made from a photo and idea she saw in Country Living.  You can click here to get instructions.  And, the photo from their site is below.

And, the photo below is of a pair of friendly ghosts that I hung from my dining room chandelier.  My boys thought they were fantastic, of course.  Now, how to store them for next year.  Hmmm.

They turned out so cute.  {thanks, Mom}

 Here are our two jack o’ lanterns which will adorn the front porch for the trick-or-treaters tonight.  My older son who loves to draw and cartoon, used a black Sharpie to decorate another one.  And, my kindergartener proudly displayed his newly acquired knowledge to carefully write “Boo” on another obliging pumpkin.

They are now counting the hours until they can get into their costumes.

Happy Haunting,