Well it’s November and coming up is my younger son’s 6th birthday.  Time sure does fly especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner.

He’s decided on a Knights and Dragons theme (with a nod to a few “princesses” that may be attending).  I’m trying to keep it low-key but of course, I want he and his little guests to have a great time.

It’s not unusal for me to order an invitation for him, but this year I decided to make them.  You must know that I am not tech savvy.  Not even a little bit, so figuring out the printing part of his invitation was a small challenge.  I think they turned out pretty well given my limited skills.

I used paper from AC Moore and the stamp was from The Stampin Place.  I bought #10 sized envelopes, which were also from AC Moore.

I had planned on cutting out a shield from the green and blue polk-dot paper, but I ran out of room.  You can see I had a little fun with the wording for his invite.  So far, he’s asked me to read it to him a half a dozen times (using my most royal voice).  Seems it reminds him of our visit to Medieval Times.

I’ll be posting more as it gets closer and a little wrap-up when our knight and dragon shin-dig is over.  I’ve started working on party games.  Any ideas?