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Part 1

Yes, I’m still here just running around a bit in preparation for Thanksgiving,  Whew, the last week or so has been a whirlwind.  Birthdays during the holiday season make for a little extra craziness, don’t you think?

I should know, mine is right after Christmas (along with my husband, my father, and my in-laws both have their birthdays in January).  And, my Mom?  Well, she’s Christmas day.

My five year-old welcomed in the Big 6 with a knight (and princess) themed birthday party.  There were many a fair maiden in attendance at his request, but if you ask him, it was a knight and dragon party.

If you know my son, well then this says it all.  The merriment began last Friday when he got off the bus.  His sweet Kindergarten teacher had given him a crown and a “happy birthday” sticker to wear for the day + he was the star student.

He was so excited to  show us his new accessories {not nearly as excited for the photo }.

We still had two more days until his party…that’s a LONG 48 hours for a Kindergartener and his parents.  And, just in case you need another look at the invite I made, it’s here.

Here’s a little peek at the party.  Two hours of crafting, cake, crowns, games {and sword fighting}.  Seventeen membes of the kingdom arrived and it was a little crazy, kind of loud, but really fun.

1. The party colors were green and blue, which are favorites of Sir Brady

2. Lots of glimmering stars hanging in the kitchen and dining room

3. Flags {meant to mimic flags on a castle} made from scrapbooking paper and wooden skewers

4. A garland of green and blue felt adorned a fireplace {crafted by Her Majesty, my Mom}

5. Oreo pops to give to the knights and princess as they were leaving our castle

6. Chocolate cupcakes with the cutest handmade toppers {I’ll be posting resources in Part 2}

7. The birthday boy wearing his crown and working on the craft

8. My oldest knight playing the dragon egg race game

9. Fabric markers, glitter glue, jewels and sequins to adorn the felt shields

10. Golden shields for each of the knights

11. A large shield made of felt to adorn the front door of our castle {also crafted by my Mom}

12. A felt shield craft – 20 of them to be exact {cut and stiched by…guess who?}

13. The artist in residence drew a winged dragon (free hand) for the pin-the-tail-on-the-dragon game

14. Sir Brady making a great attempt to pin a tail onto the dragon

15. Inflatable swords for each of the knights

16. A paper garland hung in our dining room