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In our family, Sunday mornings are generally reserved  for a leisurely a sit-down breakfast.  It’s where we can linger over the table for a bit, talk about what we have planned for the day, try to get to church on time and discuss what’s going on for the week {and how to fit it all in}.  Although I almost always prepare eggs of some sort, bacon, and fresh fruit, there is always a request for corn muffins.

My boys could eat corn muffins everyday for breakfast.  It’s not unusual for one of them to request a corn muffin as an after-school snack.  This morning, that same request came in so I went to gather my ingredients and found that we were out of sugar, but we had plenty of honey.  I remembered that I had saved a recipe for Honey Corn Bread Muffins from the Real Simple site earlier this month.

{Perfect timing}

The muffins are not nearly as sweet as the Basic Corn Muffins I usually make.  In fact, I think they would be great alongside a bowl of chili.  The original post from Real Simple can be found here.

Honey Corn Bread Muffins


5 tbsp butter, melted (divided)

1 1/4 cup flour

3/4 cup cornmeal

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp Kosher salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1 cup buttermilk

1/3 cup honey


Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees F.  Use 1 tbsp of melted butter, to butter a 12-cup muffin pan.

Whisk dry ingredients in a medium mixing bowl.  In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, buttermilk, honey and melted butter.  Add flour mixture to wet ingredients just until combined.  Divide into prepared muffin cups.  Bake 30-35 minutes until light golden brown and toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.

Yield: 12 muffins

Kitchen note: I made one tiny alteration to the original recipe.  You’ll need about 1 tbsp melted butter to grease a 12-cup muffin pan.  The original recipe does not specify how much butter is needed to prepare the pan.  Also, at 30 minutes baking time, the muffins were darker than how they appear in the original posting.  I would suggest watching your oven at about 25 minutes to check for color and doneness.

Happy Sunday,