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I’m determined this year NOT to kill our Christmas tree once it takes up residence in our little parlor.  It seems I have trouble with keeping it properly watered {I’m guessing this is a key reason} and we also have bought our real tree much too early in the season so that it has trouble remaining lush and beautiful all the way to Christmas day.

We’ve waited until today to go to a local tree farm to pick one out.  I’m excited at the prospect of bringing a beautiful, fresh-cut tree home this year and I’ve taken a personal pledge to really care for it {lots of watering} so that it stays fresh for 21 more days.

Before we headed out on our drive to the farm, I found a few beautiful images to inspire me with finishing the front porch.  I’m a pretty traditional gal, so whimsical is not really my thing.  I lean more toward the type of decorating I grew up with on the east coast and don’t usually stray to far from the childhood decorating that my own Mother did when I was growing up.

I love the absence of red on this porch (althought the red and green combo is the essence of traditional decorating), but somehow it’s just so pretty especially the magnolia leaves tucked into the urns.

The luminarias out on the steps are lovely and charming, especially bearing the traditional symbol of “welcome,” the pineapple.

The image of a vintage sled from Better Homes and Gardens reminds me of sledding down the hill in front of my childhood home on my own Flexible Flyer.  How I wish I still had mine to decorate.  Such a cute addition to any front porch at Christmastime, especially if you have children.


 I couldn’t resist adding a few “doodles” to these photos {since this was probably what each of them was thinking} of our visit to Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm.  My youngest wanted the largest treee on the farm, which to him probably meant many more presents would fit under it.  And, my oldest thought it would be cool if we had more of a Charlie Brown-esque tree this year.  Boy, are these two wildly different.  It makes things very interesting at home.  This was our first visit to this family-owned farm and we loved it and the hot chocolate too.

My Mom and I also went on the 25th Annual Holiday Homes Tour sponsored by the Apex Historical Society.  We toured 5 different homes and as is typical we each had the same two favorites.

It was a jam-packed Sunday.  After we spent a couple of hours decorating the Christmas tree, we sat down to have a bowl of chili.  I’ll post that recipe tomorrow.  I hope your Sunday was wonderful just like ours.