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I think I’ll just be up front about this…I’m not usually the lucky winner of raffles.

{I am confident some of you may be able to relate that statement}.

While visiting one of the homes on tour {annual holiday home tour} around our little town, I bought 3 raffle tickets to win this beautiful wreath.

You know?  I didn’t actually I think I’d win, of course.

After dinner, a woman from the historical society called to say I had won the raffle and she’d bring the wreath over to our house.  I had remembered it was just beautiful and featured primarily magnolia leaves.  It looks so pretty on our front door and I’m hoping it will last through the winter.

I played around a little with some photo software. {Can you tell I still have a lot to learn?}

I’d love to know what those small burgundy colored leaves are.  They add just a touch of color to the green and brown magnolia leaves.

 You can see thse tiny burgundy leaves peeking out.  Any ideas?

I’m off to read a Christmas story to my kids…a book each night leading up to Christmas Eve.  They love this tradition and so do I.  It’s a few minutes of quiet time cuddled up with one another and I’m hoping they’ll want to read these books for at least another couple of years.