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It all started with a purchase from QVC.  I know what you’re thinking {I can spot those thoughts a mile away}…QVC, really?  Yes, really.  I caught a “Christmas show”  one evening in October and they were showing the cutest light-up gingerbread houses and a set of candy cane trees and I was sold.

The trees look like old-fashioned, peppermint ribbon candy and the houses flicker with the glow of candlelight although they are battery-operated.  I really couldn’t resist.  Now had I been brilliant, I would’ve snapped these pics Christmas morning so you could have the benefit of natural light.  Instead, that darn flash had to light the way so it’s not as captivating in blogland as it was in real life.


The set of three gingerbread houses included a toy shop and my kids thought they were so fun {and so did I}.  All three of the houses and the peppermint trees are sugared and glittered, which makes them especially pretty and festive for the table.

My Mom bought Christmas crackers which featured a nutcracker printed on each one.  They coincidentally matched the miniature nutcrackers I purchased for each place setting.  My youngest wanted terribly to crack some nuts with those and our other nutcrackers during the entire season.  I had to hide the bag of nuts I had bought since I knew he’d definitely try when I wasn’t looking.


Christmas crackers – Home Goods

Linen placemats – Williams-Sonoma

Miniature nutcrackers – AC Moore

Gingerbread houses – QVC

Peppermint trees – QVC

Red dinner plates & goblets – Target

Glassware – Ralph Lauren

Glass votives – Target

Switching gears from candy cane trees to real candy canes and an adorable craft.  We made these little guys last Christmas Eve as a fun {quick & low mess} craft as a family…even my husband wrapped yarn and helped the boys.  This year, I needed a craft for a class holiday party  and I picked this.  In the original post by Scrapbooks etc Magazine, they don’t use the ribbon hanger, but I thought it would be fun for the kids to turn it into an ornament.

These take minutes to put together and kids of all ages can wrap yarn around the candy canes {it’s helpful to tape the two candy canes together to keep them from shifting around} or glue on googly eys or a pom pom nose.

Here’s a little peek at what is needed, including: pom poms, ribbon, jingle bells, googly eyes, yarn, scissors and tacky glue.  Of course, you’ll need a box of 12 candy canes which will give you 6 completed ornaments.

For those of you who are early-bird planner {and I’m totally not} this would be fun for Christmas 2012!  You can find the original post here.

It’s a very rainy and dreary here and we’ve planned a movie day and then a marathon of board games after our lunch.  Tomorrow will be my last Christmas post {you’re probably looking for some recipes, right?} and then we’ll be looking ahead to the start of a brand new year and as my oldest noted this morning, summer vacation is right around the corner.