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I had a teeny bit of trouble with my Christmas decorating this year.  First of all {confession}, I never actually finished all of my decorating.  I’d like to take this opportunity to blame it on a special stomach bug that arrived, unannounced, two weeks before the big day.  Or, was it just me trying to furiously finish my Christmas cards?

Maybe it was a little of both.

I’m such a traditional girl at heart, which means I love red and green.  From peppermint candies to vintage-inspired glass Christmas ornaments, a Frasier fir totally covered in ornaments and gingerbread houses.  I love those traditional colors.

But then there is also my love for blue and white.  Last year, I worked blue and white into the family room and kitchen {with touches of silver and gold} and I loved it.  I did the same type of decorating this year and included some shells and other natural elements like fresh-cut holly from our front yard and a tiny {empty} bird’s nest found in our backyard.  I just love the shiny formality of silver combined with natural elements.

Confession #2…I ran into this little roadblock last year two.  It seems I have two competing color schemes.  Take a look and tell me what you think.

Everything in my blue and white decorating I used last year as well.  Many of the ornaments are from Target, Ikea or Michaels.  I have a fairly extensive collection of milk glass {top center} which I rotate in different locations between the family room and kitchen.  I also adore vintage silver and glass dishes, like the footed glass dish {bottom center}.  I loved using the shells in my decorating.  It reminds of my years of living in Southern California.

Here are the traditional red and green elements in our home, which can be found primarily on the staircase {collection of nutcrackers} and in our formal dining room.  You can also see that we have a small {yup, just two houses or actually they’re churches} village which my Mother-in-Law gave me when we were engaged.  I’ve added a few bottlebrush trees to fill it out.  They sit on a black sideboard in our family room {amidst the blue and white}, but I think they blend in since the room is so large.

So do you go with the traditional red and green each year or do you have other colors that you work into your decor at Christmastime?

Well this is my last post on Christmas {I promise} though I may share a few of the recipes I prepared during the season in several upcoming posts.