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{top 5 baking recipes}

It was interesting to look back and see which recipes received the most looks in 2011.  I’m always a little amazed at what regular readers & even my one-time lookers {thank you for stopping by} are actually reading on my blog.  When I hit publish I already have a little inkling of whether a particular post is going to resonate with my readers.  More often than not, I’m just flat-out wrong.  This is the one place where it’s actually fun to be wrong.

So here’s a look back at the top 5 popular posts on baking for 2011.

I wanted so badly to say here that in no particular order, but I think I will start with number five in the line-up…which was a recipe for Banana Poppy Seed Muffins.  I loved the little crunch from the poppy seeds in these.

These were very popular with my boys especially when they got to enjoy one with a glass of milk after school.  You just can’t beat blondies with a tall glass of ice-cold milk, right?  These were a favorite of my husband too.  No surprise there.

I think honesty is good in a blog, so with that in mind, this photo is in a word:  awful.  However, I love love love this recipe for blueberry coffee cake and when berry season rolls around again in the spring you’ll want to whip this up for your family.  They’ll be so happy that you did.

Number two in the top 5 was this recipe for zucchini-carrot bread with coconut.  Just like the little crunch that the poppy seeds provided in the banana poppy-seed muffins, you’ll get that same effect from the coconut here.

When Karen over at Meeshie’s Mom’s Blog so kindly steered me toward a special issue of everyday food last summer, I just knew I had to make these black-bottom cookie bars {among other recipes inside that issue}.  This was the number one baking post last year and they were absolutely delicious and came together quickly and easily.

I’m off to walk Miss Abby around the neighborhood this morning since the rain has stopped today.  I’ll be back this week with some healthy recipes using a few of favorite vegetables and probably a chili recipe since it’s feeling more like winter this week in North Carolina.