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Thanks for stopping by today on another rainy day here in North Carolina.  I’m savoring my second cup of hot coffee after being woken up by the most spectacular thunder storm at 5 am.  I must tell you I’m not a 5am, go for a jog and have quiet time before the littles arise type of gal.  I’m more of a 7:30 girl, who stumbles out of the bed and hopefully pulls something nutritious together for their lunch boxes and makes sure everyone looks presentable before they walk out of the door, which includes no milk mustaches and toothpaste down the front of a shirt.

I am simply not a morning person, though I wish I was.

So, did you make your citrusy black beans yesterday?  Are they at least on your list of things to try?  If they are, you’ll be able to make these little tacos for an upcoming meal.  I think they would go just perfectly with a cold Sol beer.

Today, I’m going to share how I put these together.  This is a what you see, is what you get type of recipe.  In fact, I didn’t even include a recipe in today’s post.  So if you’ve made the black beans, there isn’t really much else to do and we can go ahead and get started.

 I poached a 1 lb package of chicken tenderloins using this technique.  It took just a few minutes to poach them and another couple of minutes for them to cool slightly, so I could shred the chicken with a couple of forks.

I had enough shredded chicken to put together about 10 small tacos.  Depending on how much chicken you use, you may get a couple less.

I bought the corn tortillas from a small Mexican restaurant in our town and brought them home (still warm).  I started with the shredded chicken as the base to hold the citrusy black beans.

Next, I added some black beans a little chopped red onion.

I love fresh cilantro, so I added some after the black beans and red onions.  Now, I know there are quite a few of you who don’t care for cilantro (it’s ok we can still be friends).  This seems to be one of those herbs that people either really love or just hate.  If it’s not for you, leave it out.  Maybe you’d prefer some avocado in your tacos?  That would be delicious too and a pretty pop of green on your plate.

A squeeze of fresh lime was all these needed before we sat down for dinner.

For the junior members of the household, they fixed there own tacos with just shredded chicken, freshly grated cheddar cheese and a little mild salsa.  The cilantro and red onion was all a little too much for their taste buds.

See you again tomorrow…