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We leave tomorrow for San Diego and today is the day where I try to put the finishing touches onto two backpacks and my own carry-on bag.  The three suitcases have been packed and we are nearly ready for our trip (though I don’t think we’re going to be ready for the 5:30 am alarm clock). Oh, that’s going to be rough for all of us.

 Yes, we’ll be leaving before the sun comes up.  The youngest has already requested to take his blanket, which is code for he hates being woken up.  And, so does his Mom.

When I told the littles that we’d be stopping to change planes in Baltimore they asked if we’d be staying to watch an Orioles game.  Unfortunately the answer was no (though I reminded them they’d be attending a Padres game) and we’d simply be changing planes.  I find it funny how they relate most things to baseball.

Although I rely on all manner of entertainment for both of them for when we travel  {lots of new books to read, card games, plus puzzle books}, I  will also use some electronic entertainment  including several new apps I downloaded for them. And, one for me.

Even I need some distraction on the plane, so I purchased a new sudoku book, a softcover version of Bossypants by Tina Fey and several magazines.  As you probably already guessed, I’ll be mostly occupied with keeping my kindergartner occupied.

After packing, I wandered into the kitchen to make Sugar Dish Me’s egg salad using Duke’s light mayo (thanks, Heather).  I’ve had my eye on this post for a couple of weeks because of the way she preps the egg yolks.

I have complete confidence that her photos will compel you to make this for lunch today.

My husband hovered over me while I made our lunch and asked me questions while I moved through the steps.  It looked that good.  He is a huge egg salad (and deviled egg fan) so I knew he’d be more than happy to eat one of these sandwiches.  Or actually two.

I know you’ll love Heather as much as I do.  She injects her fun sense of humor into every single post.  She’s a great story teller and regularly posts delicious recipes and lovely photos as well.  Wander over to her site for the complete recipe and her pretty photos.

Oh and one last thing.  Heather was kind enough to send a couple of awards my way recently and when I return from our trip, I will thank her properly and post them.  I’m a little slow on these things.


Thanks for stopping by today.  I do appreciate it!