I’ve missed blogging these last four to five months.  I’ve been away so long that it seems my friends at wordpress have changed a few things (for the better I’m sure) and it’s taking a little longer than usual to upload photos and text this afternoon.

How have you been?

For my regular readers you remember that I was leaving for a nearly two-week trip to visit family and friends in San Diego around my children’s spring break.  I blogged right up until I left and then something happened.  I got home and there were a million things going on around here.

Two baseball teams. House guests.  Baseball practices.  Volunteer work.  End-of-the-school-year parties for my children.  Teacher gifts.  More travel.  Summer camps. More baseball.

Right about now, you’re shaking your head.  Maybe even rolling your eyes.  I get it.  Nothing I listed is dramatic in the least little bit.  But, it all converged at one time.  And it was a lot for one little mama of two boys.

It was an endless array of craziness and it caught up to me when we arrived back home from San Diego.  I simply didn’t have time to share on this blog, which made me a little sad.

Some of you sent me messages and commented on my last few posts.  Although I didn’t respond (which is very unlike me as you know), I needed to cut something out and my blog was it.

So please bear with me as I get back into posting on this blog and more importantly catch up on my blog reading.  My fellow wordpress bloggers may hear more from me than they ever wanted (feel free not to respond to my impending comments on your wonderful posts, recipes and photos).

As promised I wanted to share with you a quick summer salad featuring watermelon and one of my favorite cheeses:  feta.  You see, although I haven’t been blogging I’ve still been cooking.  A girl’s gotta eat!

So allow me to share with you an un-recipe recipe for this quick salad.  What a perfect thing to throw together for an pre-first day of school shindig at your house or to serve for your next casual gathering.

You’ll need cubed watermelon, a handful of crumbled feta cheese, the juice of 1 lime (or maybe more), the zest of that same lime, fresh mint leaves and some freshly cracked pepper.

It’s that easy.  Simply adjust the quantities based upon the number of servings needed and of course, your taste.

For the kiddos, I left off the pepper, but they loved the mint and the lime zest.  They’re also big watermelon fans so that definitely helped.

You’ll let me know how it turned out, won’t you?  And, I’ll be back over the weekend to catch you up on San Diego and all of it’s great tasting Mexican food, summer beach adventures and some delicious grilled vegetables.

In the meantime, I’ll be catching up on several of my favorite blogs.

Enjoy your day!