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Easter sugar cookies

As is usual for Main St. Cuisine, we bring you things just a wee bit late for the actual holiday.

And, you’re kind enough to take a look anyway.

So, thank you. I’m glad you’re here today.

Now, don’t let my four-days-late-Easter-cookie-post scare you away or cause you to move on too soon.

You know you can make sugar cookies at any point in the year, right?  In fact, my oldest said we should consider making 4th of July sugar cookies.

We shook hands on it and plan to make some patriotic sugar cookies this July.

I love it when my 10-year old helps me with my advance planning.

our Easter Sunday

This is a little look at how we spent our Easter Sunday, complete with Easter services at our church, brunch at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Easter egg hunt, filled baskets and sugar cookie baking (and eating).

There were also basketball games to watch.

And yes, you’re witnessing a bad hair day on my part, so a ponytail was in order.
mixing sugar cookie ingredients in the stand mixerBack to the sugar cookies.  Here’s a look at the dough as it’s coming together (using the paddle attachment) in my stand mixer.

sugar cookie dough

I formed the finished dough into a disk, wrapping it in plastic wrap and then placed it into the refrigerator to firm it up.

Super easy and the dough came together nicely.

sugar cookie cut outs on a silpat

As you can see, the bakers (myself included) need a little practice on cutting the dough cleanly and transferring the shapes to the prepared baking sheet.  I used a Silpat on each of the baking sheets.

Just to show you the imperfections on Main St., I included the above pic with the slightly misshapen egg.

According to the expert tasters on Main St., it still tasted really good though.

Easter sugar cookies

Here’s another look at our finished eggs and cute bunnies.

My favorite part of this particular sugar cookie recipe was that the shapes didn’t distort too much while baking and they weren’t overly sweet.

Just perfect.

You can find the recipe here, which is from blogger, Jenny Hobick.  I also used her recipe for royal icing, which is also included within the link.  One note on the icing, I needed to double the recipe in order to ice all of our cookies.

Oh, and let me warn you.

You will get lost on her site.

Lovely and doable recipes.  Great tips on entertaining.  Sweet photos of her daughter.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.