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Duke gardens

If you’ve visited Main St. Cuisine before you know that in general, I can be a little late on my posts.

It’s not unusual for me to post a lovely recipe for corned beef and cabbage well after the holiday which is synonymous with that particular dish {wink}.

To that end, I thought I’d share with you an excursion we did this past spring to Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham while my in-laws were in town.

It was the most beautiful spring weather, really no humidity and a great way to spend a few hours.

If you’ve not been and you are in my neck of the woods, I’d suggest you set aside a morning to wander through this magnificent garden in Durham on the campus of Duke University.

I’m going to try to go back this fall when the leaves begin to change.  I think that will be just as lovely.

Duke gardensWhile we were there we saw many people walking around; several found cozy spots to read and others were there studying plants and looking for birds.  My boys brought their baseball gloves and played catch while the grown-ups drank their iced tea.

Duke gardens

We discovered several “hidden” places  (or secret spots as the youngest called them) we hadn’t found on our previous visit.  Of course, we lingered at these places a little longer, sipping ice cold lemonade and resting our feet.

Duke gardens I particularly loved this view which looks out onto the garden pond as part of the Asiatic Arboretum.  As you can imagine we lingered here for awhile before my youngest spotted several turtles sunning themselves on a small rock jutting out of the pond.

I’ll be back again this week with a post (or two) on our summer excursions and then I have a recipe post to follow.  You’ll be hungry after all that travel, right?

Enjoy your Tuesday!