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pineapple fountain in waterfront park

I have always wanted to visit Charleston, South Carolina.  Always.

For the food?  The history?  The well-preserved, historic architecture?

I’d say it was each of those and just the ambiance of this beautiful, old city.

The week we spent in Charleston, South Carolina was spectacular.

On or around the third day I knew that one week would not be enough.  It’s never enough in a large city, is it?

I do hope to go back someday.  Have you spent any time in Charleston?

So to that end, here’s a few {okay more than a few} photos of our visit to this richly historic southern city.

Charleston South CarolinaWe of course, had to peer through these gates so we could gaze upon the hidden (and private) gardens.

Charleston South CarolinaI believe this is St. Michael’s Episcopal Church (on Broad St.), which like most of the churches, is a national historic landmark.  The good weather allowed us to spend many evenings strolling around the city looking at these magnificent church buildings.

Charleston window boxesAs we walked around Charleston I couldn’t help but admire the overstuffed window boxes that adorned many of the private homes.  They were beautiful.

Charleston South CarolinaLots and lots of exploring on our own after the beach and dinner.  We loved having this time together as a family.

seared scallops from poogan's porchThe most amazing seared scallops from Poogan’s Porch on Queen Street.  Other restaurants we really enjoyed that week, included FIG, Hominy Grill, The Glass Onion and Hyman’s Seafood.

folly beach south carolinaWe spent a few days on Folly Beach.  The boys hunted for blue crabs and found several (a highlight for them).  We swam, took long walks and found lots of creatures: starfish, jelly fish, and horseshoe crabs (definitely not my favorite).

folly beach south carolinaWe discovered this dead tree that resembled a sculpture you’d find inside an art museum (or at least we thought so).  This part of the Folly beach was empty and we spent a couple of afternoons searching for shells.

Charleston south carolinaWe found the lanterns that were hung outside the front doors of private homes and hotels just fascinating.

Main St. Cuisine blogOne of our last evenings was spent cheering on the Charleston River Dogs baseball team and of course they boys and my husband wished we could have seen more games.  One game was definitely not enough for them.

Thanks for looking through some of our photos.  That was especially kind of you. Did I mention I’d like to go back?