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Good morning, I have a question for you.

Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?

If you have, then looking through some fall photos may just seem out of place at this point.

I completely understand.

If you are sticking around, I’m going to do a little October round-up of sorts.

I never get tired of the leaves changing colors or trips to the pumpkin patch.  In fact, I’m certain that when the kids no longer want to do our annual farm visit in October, I’ll just wander over there myself.

fall foliage

I should say all of these were taken with my phone while we were out and about last month.

fall foliage

I love this view from my kitchen window.  This tree just dumped all of it’s leaves over the weekend and is now completely bare.

miss abby halloween

An obliging kit from Target gave Miss Abby a bright pink, turquoise and black ballerina skirt to wear on Halloween.  Oh, that dog is so patient with me.

miss abby

It was super challenging to get her to stop and pose.  She finally did, except for the tail (which is constantly wagging).halloween crafts

We put together some spooky Halloween crafts for the little one’s class.  Stuffing latex gloves with Smarties and popcorn is fun no matter how many times you’ve made them.  A spooky pop needs just 4 items from start to finish.  Tootsie pops are the best aren’t they?  Well, at least 7 year-olds thinks so and that’s important!

cinderella pumpkins

We drive down the road to the same family-owned farm each year and select way too many of their wonderful pumpkins.  In the spring this farm grows the sweetest strawberries and we indulge in homemade strawberry ice cream.

pumpkin patch

Somehow bunny ears and peace signs are always appear when this little boy is in the photo.


The mask is off and he readily produced a scary face and then gave me a hug.


This was our compromise on scary costumes without being too gory (and scaring hoards of young children).  I just can’t do it.


I promised my sons that next year I will steer clear of triangles and squares for jack-o-lantern eyes.  They thought the mustaches were a nice touch though.

Thanks for taking a peek at our October.