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2013 moved along so quickly, I can hardly believe we’re on the cusp of ushering in a brand new year.  Here’s a quick look at the top 10 posts from Main St. Cuisine.

Oh, and before we get started, I just want to say thank you for following along.  I took a couple of unscheduled and unannounced blogging hiatuses this year and you patiently waited until I returned.

So, thank you for that.  I’m grateful for your friendship.

{Number 10}

peach glazed chicken

You found out just how much we love the sweetness of fruit preserves (even at supper) with this peach glazed chicken.

{Number 9}

honey sesame marinated chicken thighsWe prepare a lot of chicken on Main St., including these quick and simple honey-sesame chicken thighs.

{Number 8}

brown sugar blackberry breadThere’s something about fresh berries baked into bread or muffins that is always appealing, like a slice of brown sugar-blackberry bread fresh from the oven.

{Number 7}

pan fried cauliflowerInstead of dipping raw cauliflower into an herby dip, I tried pan-fried cauliflower one evening and fell in love.

{Number 6}

banana walnut muffins how to

I decided to break out of the banana bread mold and instead used some ripe bananas to whip up these banana-walnut muffins.

{Number 5}

three bean salad with fresh mintFresh chopped mint was an appealing ingredient in this adaptation of a traditional three bean salad.

{Number 4}

oven roasted bbq chickenSaucy oven-roasted bbq chicken became an easy, weeknight meal for a busy family like ours (and yours too!).

{Number 3}

country style bbq pork ribsSometimes a gal’s brand new slow cooker is her best friend, like when preparing a simple and satisfying supper of country-style BBQ pork ribs.

{Number 2}

tips for throwing a baseball themed birthday partyOur littlest boy turned 7 and we threw him a baseball-themed party.

{Number 1}

chocolate peanut butter globsThis Barefoot Contessa recipe had us eating way more of these chocolate peanut butter globs than we should have.  But, they were so good.


Best wishes in the new year to you and yours!

Allison {Main St. Cuisine}