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Last week my oldest thought he had decided what he wanted to pass out to his classmates and friends on Valentine’s Day.  He politely asked when we could head over to Target to pick something out.  A day or two later I showed him a photo in this month’s edition of Martha Stewart Living which featured a homemade Valentines project with accompanying rock candy.

He changed his mind.

I have to admit the rock candy is kind of cool, not that a Tootsie Pop or Hershey’s kiss isn’t.  It’s just that rock candy looks good in a retro {what’s old is new again} kind of way.  He agreed.

So, I headed over to AC Moore to buy a package of clear, cellophane bags.  Got out some pink and red fine-tip markers , a set of colored pencils and my stapler.  Next, I went online and ordered 2lbs of the pink (cherry) rock-candy strings and 2lbs of the red (strawberry) rock-candy strings from Oh nuts! in Brooklyn, NY.

One thing to note on rock-candy.  It’s not inexpensive, though it does look pretty cool {as stated earlier} when you empty it into a couple of bowls.

One other thing on the flavors we ordered:  the pink is so pretty…like pink sapphires that haven’t been polished yet {or I’m assuming that’s what unpolished pink sapphires might look like}, but the red tastes much better.  You know we had to sample a bit during the Valentine-making  process to keep our strength up.  It was a tough job.

As you may have already guessed, the pink was for the girls and the red was for the boys.  I like how things are very black and white in elementary school.  In my kids’ book pink is definitely “a girl color.”

And here’s a peek at the finished Valentines.  My oldest did most of the work and I helped fold the the paper Valentine over the filled cellophane bag.  We made 35 Valentines from the 4lbs of rock candy.  You might be able to stretch it to 40 if you carefully portioned it out.  He was pretty pleased with how they turned out and it was a nice change from a Transformers or sports-themed Valentine.

To download the clip art, click here.

See you tomorrow with some cupcakes…