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Hello, my friends.  We are back from our trip to the North Carolina coast and our stay in Pine Knoll Shores which is adjacent to Bogue Sound.

{And yes, I survived.}

Actually, we made it back last Wednesday around dinnertime absolutely exhausted.  Sleep was at a premium while we were in the dormitories (they were more like water-front cabins than dormitories) and my son loved every minute of it (even the squeaky bunk beds).  He had so much fun in fact that the night we got back he was getting ready for bed and then suddenly became very quiet.  When we asked what was wrong, he simply said, “I miss Sound to Sea.”

Sound to Sea was the name of the program his class participated in and I’m sure he’ll tell anyone that cares to hear, that it probably was a highlight of his entire grade school experience.

As for myself, it took me most of the weekend to catch up on sleep, laundry and other household chores.  Maybe some of you can relate to sleep deprivation or sleeping in one room with eleven other people (6 of whom were boys).  Oh yes, the moms and their sons were in one cabin and it was close quarters with two toilets and two showers.  The boys, however, were really good and very funny.

There were a lot of photos taken during our stay, many of which were taken by my son.  And he did remind me that I was not allowed to share any of him (though you will see one of him, just not his face).

I realized that walking around half asleep was not conducive to great picture taking as you’ll see my images, but I managed to snap a few of our surroundings.  Bogue Sound was so pretty that I’m already planning a family trip to go back (with more comfortable accommodations at the top of the list).

Here’s another look across the sound on our first day.  All along the shoreline were hundreds of oyster shells.

Here’s my son wading into the sound to fish with his group and their instructor.  The children loved this part of their day.  The wind was just whipping by us as we watched from the shoreline.

One last look at all of those pelicans that our group was able to walk by without disturbing too much.  That’s no small feat for 9 and 10 year-olds.

By the way, I edited this photo using pixlr-o-matic, as I’m still trying to figure out what photo editing software to use now that we’re just about 6 weeks away from picnik closing.  I’m still sad about that.

For those that edit their photos, do you have any suggestions on which software to use and what to look for?  You should know that technology and I are not the best of friends, so user-friendly is an absolute must.

This week I’ll be sharing several dinner and side dish recipes and getting back into my regular blogging schedule.  It seems that we haven’t seen the last of the winter germs yet, but hopefully all of us will be healthy by the weekend.  Fingers crossed.

See you tomorrow,