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roast chicken with lemon and tarragonYesterday I did the following three things:

First, I pretended it was mid-April and put on my flip flops.

Second, I prepared a cup of iced green tea (my favorite).

And third, I jotted down a list of flowers to buy for the front porch.

Warm weather can do that to you.

Make you wear sandals without a pedicure.

Give you a jolt of energy, like you’ve just had a double shot of espresso.

Or inspire you to start writing a list of all the places you’d like to visit over summer and the sundresses you need to buy for your travels.


It was a wonderful Sunday.

Of course, there was plenty of sports over the weekend, but near-perfect weather was cause for a mini celebration.

Because of the lovely weather and busy weekend, I’m going to leave you with a few photos to highlight this gorgeous roast chicken with lemon and tarragon and then I’m going to send you Ms. Stewart (that’s Martha Stewart) to get the recipe.

I know, lazy.

But, you’ll forgive me when you see just how easy it is to make this perfect roast chicken.  I used fresh tarragon, but you could use fresh thyme or rosemary.  All yield a delicious roast chicken for tonight’s supper.

filling the chicken cavity with lemon, garlic and tarragon

Don’t be intimidated by preparing a roast chicken.  It’s basically butter, salt and black pepper, fresh herbs, a whole lemon and garlic.  I bet you have most of what you need already.

Once it’s in the oven, you’ve got time to help your kids with homework, set the table or throw a frisbee (it’s warm out, remember?).

roast chicken with lemon and tarragonYou’ll roast the chicken at 425 degrees for about 1 1/2 hours.  Mine took a little less at 1 hour and 10 minutes.  I’m serving mine with some roasted asparagus for a perfect springtime supper.

Take a look here and here for the recipe.

Hope spring has arrived at your home too!

Allison {Main St. Cuisine}