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tips for throwing a baseball themed birthday party

My original plan for my youngest’s celebration was going to be a carnival themed party.  After all, as they get older how many times can you bring up a carnival theme to your child?  And, have them agree to it!

I had made list upon list of all of my wonderful ideas.  My goal was to recreate several fun carnival games, I was going to rent a popcorn machine, learn how to make balloon animals, have wagon wheel-sized rolls of tickets for prizes and give out the cutest cotton candy favors.

I spent days designing a simple invitation that I was going to lovingly craft for each of the party guests.

My soon-to-be-seven year old said, “No.”

baseball party supplies

Once I shelved the carnival idea and it was difficult for this mama to file away her best ideas, I quickly moved onto his choice:  baseball.

Or, in his words, “I just want to play baseball with my friends and have a cake.”

Don’t you love it when you child simplifies it all for you?

The next day I paid a visit to two of my favorite sites for party supplies.

The Tomkat Studio and Garnish.

I had found Garnish about a year ago and I could lay awake at night thinking of all the creative ways I could use their packaging.  The Tomkat studio I found while doing a search for paper straws and paper candy cups.  I promise you’ll be as inspired (and sleep deprived) as I was.  And nope, I’m not on their payrolls; just want to pass along some pretty incredible resources for your next gathering.

disposable wooden forks

Speaking of Garnish, how cute are these happy birthday-stamped wooden forks?  I have to tell you that my husband was perplexed by these.  I think wondering why weren’t using the more widely used plastic fork.  I just said very matter of factly, “Just because they’re fun.”  Simple and to the point.

rice krispie treats in glassine favor bags

I used these glassine favor bags from The TomKat Studio, some red and white baker’s twine (Divine Twine) and red star stickers to hold homemade rice krispie treats.  They were one of the party favors.

red and white plates and napkins

A trip to Walmart and Dollar Tree yielded red and white napkins, red plates, a glittery birthday candle and some patriotic plates for pizza.  The birthday boy thought they went perfect with a baseball all-star theme.  I had to yield some of the decision-making to my son…it was his party after all.

baseball themed party favors

I have found that the party favor-part of any party is a favorite for my children.  They want to be involved in all aspects of choosing what they’ll hand out to their guests and every single component of the favor.  After much negotiation (I think we may have a future attorney in our midst), we settled on baseball cards, stick-on eye black, vintage-style Dubble Bubble chewing gum and some bouncy balls.

At least I got to put them into these red chevron strip bags from The Tom Kat Studio!  I think I used the medium size, though they come in mini, medium and large, with many colors available.  I’m a fan for sure!

baseball themed cookie cake

Next, it was on to discussing the cake.  My attorney son wanted a giant cookie cake (this was due largely to the fact that the oldest child had had one at his party).  And, a big “thank you” to my local grocery store who provided the best looking cookie cake to my seven year-old ever.  He ohh-ed and ahh-ed over it before and during his party.

However, I wanted to try my hand at making a cake bunting and that necessitated an actual birthday cake to hold the finished bunting.  A trip to Buttercream Bake Shop and I had the cutest cake, complete with a baseball pin-stripe to go with our theme (and the bunting).

baseball cake bunting

These adorable cake buntings that for months I had wanted to try my hand it, are as easy to put together as they are cute atop a cake.  I marched right into my craft room, grabbed some bits of scrapbook paper that I had and simply cut rectangles of paper out.  Folded them in half (using a glue dot or two to hold them in place) over Divine Twine and then cut out a V-shape in each.  I tied the twine onto two wooden skewers and voilà, I had made my very first cake bunting.

From one novice crafter to another…there is nothing to fear with this project.

Absolutely simple and took just a few minutes.

baseball cake bunting

Here’s another look at the finished cake bunting.

baseball themed birthday party

 Here’s a little look at the red paper candy cups filled with Jelly Bellies and Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe Gummi Bottles.  The cups were from The Tom Kat Studio ( a rainbow of colors to choose from).  These were a big hit throughout the party and so was the jar filled with Dubble Bubble gum.

Baseball themed birthday party

Here’s a final look at the table filled with treats, including pop corn, bags of pretzels, homemade Rice Krispie treats, bubble gum, Izze sodas (for the grown ups), the candy cups, party favors and of course, the birthday cake.

My mom helped me sew a red and white ticking table runner for the party.  Isn’t she wonderful?

As you can see it was a little tricky getting good photos inside a batting cage facility with no windows.

I hope I’ve given you a few tips to get started on your own baseball-themed birthday party.  It was a lot of fun to put together and the birthday boy had a grand time!

If you need additional resources, just let me know.

Until next time,